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Classified Details

100 ka dum, chhota pack ka bada dhamaka

100 clubs


100 ka dum, chhota pack ka bada dhamaka

💫Power of Rs = 100 ₹


Position-  Left  side


(1) 👉Direct (Refer)                   
     🧓.              🧓
     /. \.              /  \
   /      \            /.    \ (B)=10₹.          (A)=10₹

Exp= you ने पहले A को Join अपने id से Refer किया
A से income = 10 ₹
दूसरी बार B को किया
B से = 10₹/_
Direct Total income= 20₹/_
(2) 👉🏾BAINERY INCOME =50 ₹
          🧓.              🧓
          /.  \.             /. \
         /      \.          /     \
      (A).    (B).    (A)   (B)
         |.                          |
       (C)                       (C)
      2:1=50.         1:2=50.
Next = 1:1 =50/_On Depth
Daily = 10 Pair Limit है
Note : You को Two 2 ID *Direct
लगाना जरूरी है

10000- 3%

25000- 5%

50000- 8%

   1000 Pair with in 30 Days complete in your Downline


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